We are leading manufacturer of Wire mesh cable trays & accessories using prime quality raw material. Wire mesh cable trays are widely used in the food production industry where hygiene is prioritized, also used in installation of cables in different telecommunication houses, engineering projects etc.

Due to the nature of wire mesh having openings, it requires less raw materials to make, which is better for the environment and reduces manufacturing costs.
Cable trays are used in all types of industries including fiber optic installations in data centers, data cabling in offices, tray cable for manufacturing or harsh environment industries such as oil and gas.
Wire mesh cable trays provide lots of options for cable management which is especially important for frequent entry and exit of cables. While traditional conduit does a great job of protecting cabling, it is limiting when you need some or all of the cables to exit the conduit.
The wide-open design of wire mesh conduit allows heat to easily be dissipated into the environment. Closed conduit retains heat and increases resistance.
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