Air Insulated Busduct

Air Insulated Busduct

Non-segregated phase busduct(NSPB) is an assembly of bus conductors with associated connections, joints, and insulating supports confined within a metal enclosure without interphase barriers.

Non Segregated phase Busduct finds application in small Power Generating Units & Utilities.

Transformer to Switchgear Panel.

Switchgear Panel to Panel

Diesel Generator Set to Synchronizing / Switchgear Panel

Above applications will find power transfer solutions in process plants, manufacturing industries, Industrial Buildings, Commercial, residential real estate, Hospitals, Airports, Metros, Railways, Tunnels, Sea Ports & IT parks.

Advance – Anant Power Air Insulated Busduct is designed to serve stringent weather conditions of India suitable for use in wide range temperature variations and to provide uninterrupted operations at following segments.

  1. Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Process plants, Manufacturing Industries, Pharma Industries.
  2. Commercial buildings, Residential real estate, Educational Institutions & Hospitals.
  3. Infrastructure establishment – Metros, Airports, Sea Ports, Railways, Water treatment and desalination plants.
  4. Malls, Shopping Centers, Exhibition Centers & Warehouses.
  5. Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Plywood Industries, Textile Industries.
Relevance StandardIEC 61439 (1&6) & IS 8623 (1&2)
Product Range 400-6300A
Rated Operating Condition(Ue)Up-to 1000 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui)1000 V
Test Certification LabCPRI-India
Conductor MaterialCopper 99.9% pure and conductivity 97% IACS Min.
 Aluminium 99.5% pure and conductivity 57% IACS Min.
Earthing Material (External Earth)Copper or Aluminium (Optional)
Rated Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Degree of Protection (IP)IP54 / IP55
Surface Coating on EnclosureEpoxy Polyester Powder Coated (RAL-7035)
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