EV Charging & E Mobility Solutions

EV Charging & E Mobility Solutions

Electric vehicle charging station or EV charging station is an element of an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicles. For charging at home or work, some electric vehicles have converters on board that can plug into a standard electrical outlet. Others either require or can use a charging station that provides electrical conversion, monitoring and safety functionality. Public charging stations can be installed on-street or located at retail shopping centers, restaurants and parking places. Charging stations provide a range of heavy duty or special connectors that conform to the variety of standards.

Rechargeable electric vehicles and equipment can be recharged from a domestic wall socket, a charging station is usually accessible to multiple electric vehicles and has additional current or connection sensing mechanisms to disconnect the power when the EV is not charging.

Different Charging Modes

IEC 61851-1 - the International standard for electric vehicle conductive charging system has defined 4 Modes of EV charging.

Mode 1: Fixed, non-dedicated socket

Mode 2: Non-dedicated socket with cable-incorporated protection device

Mode 3: Fixed, dedicated circuit-socket


Mode 4: DC Connection

Different Charging Levels

Based on the rated power, voltage and current, the charging levels in India are classified into two categories:

  1. Level 1: can be from the 240 V outlet or from a dedicated EV charge point (EVSE), AC voltage at 240 V with a maximum current of 80A and a maximum power of 19.2 kW.
  2. Level 2: Here, the charger is off-board (meaning the EV's on-board charger is by-passed and the charging station provides DC voltage directly to the battery via a DC connector, with a maximum power of 400 kW.

In addition to these standards for electric cars and light trucks, Charging for Commercial Vehicles is expected to operate in the range of 230 OR 415 Volts and 0-3000 Amps for a theoretical maximum power up to 4.5 MW.



Slow charging of cars, taxis and engineering vehicles with electric vehicle charging modules.


ADVANCE Brand charging station is an intelligent AC charging Station to meet the market demands. With integrated AC charging interface, high and low voltage power distribution and complete control protection within the small charging module, original appearance and exquisite design.

Range .. ACOO1 , AC Type 2 ( 3.7 kW to 44 kW)


Range: DCOO1 , DC Charger ( 15kW to 15O kW with all prevalent topologies i.e. GB/T, CHAdeMO & CCS

DC Charger ratings: 15kW DC, 3OkW DC, 6OkW DC , 15O kW DC

Input Voltage 4OO Vac +! 1O%

Output Voltage upto 75O VDC.

Application Highway service station. Parking areas, commercial fleet operators, EV infrastructure operators & service providers.


Range ACOO 1, AC Charger ( 7kW ,22 kW etc. with all prevalent topologies )

AC Charger ratings: 7kW AC, 22kW etc

Input Voltage 1 phase 23O vac +! 1O% & 3phase 38V +! 2O%

Output Voltage:

Application Home owners


  1. Consumption can be metered out
  2. Invoicing can be done after one complete charging.
  3. Entire system is anti moisture, designed to suit Indian ambient conditions, dust proof, sunscreen proof, water proof, anti theft protections and alarms.
  4. Latest communication technology
  5. Can be monitored Local and Remote.



Advance Panels charging station is an intelligent integrated DC charging Station to meet EV charging market demands. Its adopts advanced modular design concept and cutting edge electronic circuit technology.

It consist of Controlling Unit, Power distribution units & Power modules.

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