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AMC Services ( Comprehensive / Non- Comprehensive)

  1. Scheduled Visits (Monthly / Quarterly/Bi Annual/ Annual) as per contract agreement.
  2. General Cleaning & Health checkups.
  3. Physical Checkups and check list records.
  4. General Tightness , Cleaning & Services.
  5. Calibration & Testing of all Metering & Protection Devices.
  6. Functional checks.
  7. Residual Life

Engineering Services:

  1. Design & Engineering services for “ Plant Layouts, Sub Stations Layouts, Equipment Layouts”.
  2. Switchgears & Cable Sizing
  3. Cable Trays & Cable Engineering.
  4. 2D.3D Drawing Pre-perations
  5. QTY surveying
  6. Pre-peration of As Built Drawings.


On Call Visits:

  1. Paid service visits for any kind of Programming, Health checkups.
  2. Paid service on complaint logged in basis.
  3. Emergency Services on call basis.
  4. Parts & Spares management
  5. Warranty & Non Warranty Segregations.
  6. Replacement of Faulty components under Warranty / Non Warranty

Testing, Calibrations & Health Checkups:-

  1. Paid service visits for any kind of Testing , Calibrations & Health Checkup for Transformers, Lightings, MV Panels, LV Panels, Breakers, Starters, Meters & Relays, VFD & Soft Starters, PLC programming & Automation checkups.
  2. Transformers, DG Sets, UPS, Battery Chargers Health Checkups.


Operation & Maintenance:

  1. Operation & Maintenance of Sub Stations, Major Capital Equipment like Transformers, DG Sets, UPS, Battery Chargers, Chillers Operations, Lightings etc.


Power Quality Monitoring:

  1. Thermal Analysis of Electrical Equipment.
  2. Earth Resistivity checkups
  3. Power Factors / Harmonic improvement Projects


Parts & Spares:

  1. Parts like major switchgears & accessories on chargeable basis.
  2. Replacement / Services under Warranty or Non Warranty coverage.

Retrofitting & Revamping:

  1. Retrofitting, Revamping or Modifications of any kind of Electrical Equipment.

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