Sandwich Bustrunking System

sandwich Bustrunking System

Sandwich Bustrunking System is utilized in various segments like residential, commercial, industrial and other applications such as Infra, Hospitals and Data Centers to deliver power to electrical loads. It is an alternative to traditional cabling and provides numerous advantages including space saving, time and cost. There are also electrical saving due to reduced losses, reduced voltage drop & flexibility to reposition load centers using Tap Off Points.

Our complete Range of Products are Type Tested at various National / International Laboratories conforming to latest I EC 61439 Part 1 & 6 Standards.

Advance - Anant Powertech Is preferred partner to the customers considering quality, delivery and service of the product.

From concept to commissioning

  • 1 In-house design & engineering
  • 2 In house manufacturing
  • 3 Installation, Testup & Commissioning

The Advance - Anant Power Bustrunking range of products is built with latest processes that make it most reliable product of its type.

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Advance – Anant Power Bustrunking is designed to serve stringent weather conditions of India suitable for use in wide range temperature variations and to provide uninterrupted operations at following segments.

  1. Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Process plants, Manufacturing Industries, Pharma Industries.
  2. Commercial buildings, Residential real estate, Educational Institutions & Hospitals
  3. Infrastructure establishment – Metros, Airports, Sea Ports, Railways, Water treatment and desalination plants.
  4. Malls, Shopping Centers, Exhibition Centers & Warehouses
  5. IT Parks, Data centers solutions, Solar farms.
  6. Cement Plants, Sugar Mills, Plywood Industries, Textile Industries

Insulation Class F as a standard and Insulation Class H is also available on request.

Center to Center distance between two conductors is maintained 25 mm at joints which is unique and highest in Industry.

National Building Code of India (NBC-2016), Part - 8 Building services (BIS) section-2 clause 53.8.3 requires Seismic tested Bustrunking & supports for Bustrunking having continuous length of more than 24 meters. Advance Bustrunking is tested for Seismic performance test along with supports to meet latest NBC guidelines.

Bustrunking Enclosure is available in option of Gl/Aluminium/ Extruded Aluminium/Dual metal Housing.

Thermal Indicators near joint area (Optional on request).

Bustrunking tested for seismic zone (IV/V) with horizontal, vertical Installations & along with Tap Off Units and in live conditions.

Sturdy enclosure with four fold design & with ribs at top and bottom for higher mechanical strength. This is to prevent damages during transit, storage & Installation.

The enclosure is also uniquely design to absorb high dynamic forces during short circuit conditions (Upto 330 kA Peak Type Tested).

Drain Holes are provided throughout the length as a standard feature to avoid any water accumulation.

Manufactured with High class insulating material SMC glass filled.

High and Precise Mechanical force at join area through shear of nut.

Double headed bolt option is also avilable on request.

High Electrical di-electric strength upto 20kV.

High Thickness of insulation material

On Bustrunking joints 15% more cross section area and thickness is provided to achieve 15% overloading capacity at joint to limit Temperature Rise at joints.

Anant Power Joint Pack is one of the robust designed Bustrunking coupler with following features

The Compact size of Advance Bustrunking utilizes minimum space in building/shaft.

Tap OFF Boxes are available to accommodate all types of switchgears like SFUs, MCBs, MCCBs, Isolators, Two Bus changeovers, ATS etc. of various standard makes as per customer requirement.

Plug-in Type Tap-off units complete with protective devices, are fitted along the entire length of the Rising Mains thus reducing the floor area taken up by the electrical distribution switch boards.

Installation standards IEC 603364 chapter 5.523.6 stipulate that above 4 parallel cables, it is preferable to use Bustrunking. Paralleling many cables leads to uneven distribution of currents and the risk of abnormal temperature rise.

In our Design close proximity of Bustrunking reduces inductive reactance, resistance, impedance and voltage drop is much lower than cable & any other Bus duct system.

Specially designed housing act as a heat sink to yield improved thermal characteristic, high mechanical and short circuit strength.

Bustrunking has no chimney effect, hence provide a better resistance to the spread of fire.

Advance - Anant Power Bustrunking is manufactured with integral earthing as a standard feature. The cross section of integral earthing is 50% of phase conductor. In addition to integral earthing Advance Bustrunking are having mounting provision for external earthing conductors (AL/CU/GI strips) at both side as perCPWD norms.

Advance - Anant Power Bustrunking provide complete in house manufacturing of all the accessories of Bustrunking including copper flexible, adaptor box, short links and mounting arrangement with supports and spring hangers.

Relevance Standard I EC 61439 (1&6) & IS 8623 (1&2)
Conductor Arrangement Sandwich Type
Rating Current Copper 400-6300A, Aluminium 200-6300A
Rated Operating Condition (Ue) Upto 1000 V, 50 Hz
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) 1000 V
Rated Dielectric Voltage 3.5 KV r.m.s.
Impulse withstand Voltage (Uimp) 12 KV(1.2/50µs)
Independent certification Authority CPRI-India
Seismic Level Tested for Seismic & Resonance search Test (Zone IV/V)
Conductor configuration 3 Phase+E
  3 phase+100% Neutral+E
  3 Phase+200% Neutral+E
  3 Phase+100% Neutral+100% lsolated Earth+E
Standard Conductor Material Copper 99.9% pure, minimum 97% conductivity (IACS) ETP Grade
Aluminium 99.5% pure, minimum 60% conductivity (IACS)
Earthing Material (External Earth) Copper or Aluminium orGI (Optional)
Earthing Material (Integral Earth) ALorG.I speed.50% of Phase Conductor
Enclosure G.I. or A 1.6mm /2.0mm /2.5mm /3mm
  (Optional Extruded Al. & Dual Metal Housing)
Degree of Protection (IP) 54/55 for Plug-in type Bustrunking.
  55/65/67 for feeder Bustrunking.
Insulation Multi-layer Class-'F' insulation material (PET Film + Mica)
  Optional Class- 'H' Insulation material (PET Film + Mica)
Surface Coating on Enclosure Epoxy Polyester Powder Coated (RAL-7035)
Fire Rating 240 min @ ISO 834
Standard Design Ambient Temp. 40°C (Option at 50°C is also available)
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
Joint Pack Robust (with isolation and shear off nut, Double headed bolt option is also avilable on request)

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