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Anant Powertech is a part of Advance Group of Companies which started operations in 1979. Advance group has multiple manufacturing facilities in India. Anant Powertech is specialized in manufacturing high quality well designed Sandwich Insulated Bustrunking System, Compact Air Insulated Bustrunking System, Conventional Air Insulated Busduct and MV Busduct with Aluminum and copper conductors as per requirements.

Advance - Anant Powertech is one of the leaders in Bustrunking rated 200A to 6300A and first in India to develop and manufacture 6300A rating Aluminum conductor Sandwich Bustrunking System among all the prominent National / International manufactures present in India.

Our complete Range of Products are Type Tested at various National / International Laboratories conforming to latest I EC 61439 Part 1 & 6 Standards and are regularly exported.

Advance - Anant Powertech is preferred partner to the customers considering quality, delivery and service of the product.

Our Industry Solutions

MV Busduct Upto 22 KV

Segregated phase busduct has all phase conductors in a common enclosure with metal barriers between adjacent phases.

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Sandwich Bustrunking System

Sandwich Bustrunking are utilized in building and industrial applications to deliver power to electrical loads.

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Compact Bustrunking

It is designed with minimum air gap between conductors as compared to conventional air insulated busduct so it

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Air Insulated Busduct

Non-segregated phase busduct(NSPB) is an assembly of bus conductors with associated connections, joints

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Current Transformer

The current transformer is used with the AC instrument, meters or control apparatus where the current to be measured

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Potential Transformer

The potential transformer is made with high-quality core operating at low flux density so that the magnetising

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Control Transformer

Control transformers are specifically used to provide control supply voltage for the control circuits. It can be

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DMC/SMC Insulators. we are manufacturing all type of insulators, conical as well as cylindrical

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